Banzai Skate Park

26 05 2011


With community residents at Banzai Skatepark

North Shore residents and supporters of the Banzai Skateboard Park gathered at the park on Sunday, May 22nd to demonstrate strong community support for completion of the project. 

Brianne Randle, a reporter for KHON and a Kahuku graduate, covered the story which aired that evening.  She interviewed members of the newly formed Citizens Advisory Group and members of the Sunset Beach Community Association along with other residents as to their opinions on the current and future condition of the park. 

I am very optimistic that the advisory group and the community at large will have a significant impact on the final design of the park.  I commend all of the supporters for donating their time and talent to the cause.  There were also promises of monetary assistance to the special park fund established by the Sunset Beach Community Association. 

In addition to the construction funds allocated by the City, contributions to the SBCA fund will be used for enhancements not currently included in the construction budget.  Providing an additional incentive for the City to expedite the work schedule at the site, Vans Triple Crown will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and has expressed an interest in sponsoring a skate board competition at the park. 

When interviewed on the financial status of the park, I reported that the City estimates it will take an additional $1.3 million to complete the skateboard park.  Although I have included the full amount in the budget for Fiscal 2012 which begins on July 1st, there is a possibility that the administration could restrict the release of the funds due to our current economic predicament.  That makes the public/private partnership between the community and the city a very viable option to finally get this project done.



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