Ukuwai Street Modifications

22 03 2014

Ukuwai StreetSerious safety concerns were brought to Council Chair Ernie Martin’s attention in the vicinity of Cornerstone Fellowship and the Park and Ride in Mililani Mauka.  It was reported that speeding along Ukuwai Street had resulted in a number of near misses and at least one accident.  A request for investigation and service report was submitted to address the issue.  In response, the City’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) conducted a traffic survey, field observations and a review of the area’s traffic collision history.

The information gained through the investigation revealed that there is speeding on Ukuwai Street.  To address the concern, DTS will be issuing a work order to narrow the travel way from 20 feet to 10 feet in each direction by demarcating a shoulder/parking lane on Ukuwai Street between the Mililani District Park westerly boundary, which is the city limit and Makaikai Street.  Street parking will be retained while the narrowing effect should help to deter speeding in the area. Stop signs are installed at locations where there is a need for more restrictive right-of-way assignment and are not to be used for speed control.  Based on the volume of daily traffic, neither speed humps nor speed tables are appropriate traffic control measures for Ukuwai Street.

Council Chair Martin thanks community members for bringing this concern to his attention and the City’s Department of Transportation Services’ for their efforts and plans to address the situation. Since receiving the initial reports of concerns for safety in the area, Mililani Mauka residents who regularly traverse Ukuwai Street during peak morning hours have contacted his office with their own accounts of safety concerns including near misses and accidents resulting from the tendency of motorists to drive to the extreme right of the roadway to create an additional lane.  Chair Martin is hopeful that the proposal by DTS to narrow the roadway will address these concerns and provide for safe travel for motorists and pedestrians alike.



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