Aloha to Reed Hisashi Matsuura

30 12 2014
Council Chair Ernie Martin and Reed Matsuura

Council Chair Ernie Martin and Reed Matsuura

For seventeen years and five council terms, including his own, Reed Hisashi Matsuura has been a dedicated public servant, attending to the needs of the North Shore community. Since 1998, Reed has been involved in numerous community projects and has advocated for many important initiatives that have shaped the landscape of the North Shore. Reed began his public service career under Councilmember Rene Mansho, later served under Councilmembers Darrlyn Bunda and Donovan Dela Cruz, and joined my staff in 2011 after his appointment to fill the remaining months of the term of Councilmember Dela Cruz in 2010.

During his time at the Council, Reed played a significant role in the continued upkeep and maintenance of parks on the North Shore by conducting site visits and ensuring that playground equipment and public facilities were properly maintained. Reed was also involved in many controversial issues such as the sale of Waimea Valley and Turtle Bay expansion. He has been involved in many long standing issues and has served as a member of advisory boards from Kaaawa to Mokuleia. He has also been heavily involved in the ongoing affordable housing
issues in Kahuku Villages.

When the original plan for the Waialua Bike Path was to run it from Waialua Elementary to Weed Circle, Reed advocated for the construction of an extension to Crozier Drive, an increase of a mile and a significant benefit to the greater population. He has been a source of useful information at the City Council and his institutional knowledge will be sorely missed. He has always been a champion for the residents of the North Shore and he worked tirelessly to ensure his community received its fair share of resources.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Reed as a member of my staff these past four years. I know he is looking forward to retirement when he will be able to dive and fish any day of the week and no longer have to face the traffic into City Hall on a daily basis. Reed was honored at the December 10th Council Meeting when he received commendations for his years of dedicated service at Honolulu Hale on behalf of the residents of the North Shore. A bittersweet aloha, Reed’s friends and colleagues at the Council said goodbye and wished him all the best as he begins the next exciting chapter of his life.

Aloha Reed, and mahalo for a job well done.



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