Why Was Bill 53 (2015) Introduced?

15 07 2015

For those of you following the status of the Koolauloa Sustainable Communities Plan, Bill 53 (2015) was introduced to revive Bill 47 (2013) which has expired. By law, with respect to bills submitted by the planning commission, the Honolulu City Council must act on the bill within 2 years.

If the Honolulu City Council seeks additional time, the bill can only be introduced in its original form.  Therefore, Bill 53 (2015) is essentially the proposed updated Koolauloa Sustainable Community Development Plan (KSCP) as submitted by the Planning Commission.

It is Honolulu City Council Chair Ernest Martin’s intent to amend Bill 53 (2015) after it passes first reading to mirror Bill 47 (2013) as amended by the Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee.  As you may recall, this would remove Malaekahana from the extended urban growth boundary.



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