2015 Employee of the Year

2 09 2015





Gail Murayama

Gail Murayama started with the Office of the City Clerk in January 2006 as a Council Committee Aide.  From the beginning, she demonstrated good work ethics and consistently produced excellent work products without supervision.  Gail performs her duties with a positive attitude and is always there to assist her colleagues.

During her first assignment to the Transportation & Planning Committee, Gail surpassed expectations of her abilities as a Council Committee Aide by effortlessly handling seven evening community outreach meetings at various locations around the island in addition to the two regular committee meetings in a one-month period.  The Transportation Committee continued their lengthy meetings the next two years as it reviewed voluminous amounts of technical data on the Alternative Analysis Report, Minimum Operable Segment and Technology Selection relating to the Honolulu High Capacity Transit Project.  For anyone, it would have been a daunting task to condense all the information provided and discussed during those meetings into minutes that are concise and understandable, but Gail did just that.  Gail was able to learn the technical aspects of the subject and form that information into comprehendible text in a timely manner for the required committee minutes.

From January 2009 to December 2010, it did not get any easier for Gail as she was reassigned to the Budget Committee which is well-known for its numerous and lengthy meetings deliberating on all financial matters affecting the City as well as the Executive Annual Operating and Capital Budgets during the months of March through June each year.  Again, Gail demonstrated her ability to learn quickly and adapt to situations as she performed her duties as the Budget Committee Aide producing agendas, minutes and managing the countless reports and written testimonies received.

Although Gail is currently tackling another tough assignment to the Zoning & Planning Committee, she does it all with a positive, good-natured attitude and quirky sense of humor, LOL (laughing out loud) at times, seeing the tough assignment as just another challenge to make life a little more interesting.

The Office of the City Clerk is fortunate to have such a dedicated employee in Gail as she is a valued member of the Clerk’s Ohana who has supported her colleagues and the Office through the years with her superior work performance and attendance.

Therefore on behalf of the People of the City and County of Honolulu, the Council congratulates Gail Murayama upon her selection as the 2015 Employee of the Year for the Office of the City Clerk, Legislative Branch.



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