Happy Thanksgiving

25 11 2015


As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to say Mahalo for putting your trust in me and allowing me the privilege of serving on the City Council. I promise to continue to represent you honestly and fight for the needs of our communities.

The holidays are a time for families and friends to share food and good times.

The responsibilities of life can be daunting and hectic but Thanksgiving is one of those moments when we all should slow down, look around, and be grateful for what we got. Remember that people are struggling and that an offer of help or a kind word of support will go a long way. 

I grew up in public housing, one of nine siblings. We didn’t have a lot of but we were together. When we were young, we had Chinese food for Thanksgiving. That was a treat for us because we could hardly afford it. 

Those experiences are a big reason why Mel and I work hard to make sure our family has the works on Thanksgiving. I make the pies from scratch! It’s not about the food, it is about being thankful for what we have, each other. 

Mel, Mallory, Becky, Buddy, and I want to wish you and your Ohana a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.



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