Happy New Year

31 12 2015

The end of another year affords us the opportunity to reflect and look ahead. 

No matter what happened in 2015, however hard or tragic the experience, be grateful for the chance to make amends, to do things different, and to live life. 

It is a fact that things can always get worse. 

Human nature too often compels us to focus on the negative when all of our energy and effort is needed to make positive changes.

Think of the job facing University of Hawaii football coach Nick Rolovich. A young man realizing his dream and the monumental task of resurrecting the pride of Hawaii athletics after several seasons of disappointing play. Yet to watch Coach Rolovich work is to witness what it takes to tackle adversity.

He is committed to harnessing all of the energy around the team, good and bad, and channeling it into the changes needed to build a program that the players and the community will be proud of. 

Rolovich doesn’t see a team coming off a string of losing seasons or a stadium of empty seats. He sees players eager to prove their worth and a town longing to love the Bows. 

Let’s not forget the lessons of 2015 but be thankful and hopeful for the future.

Please have a safe and Happy New Year. May health and happiness be with you and your Ohana in 2016. 


Melanie, Mallory, Becky, Buddy and Ernie.   




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