City Council to Post Budget Documents Online

14 03 2016

As part of an ongoing effort to integrate technology and enhance government transparency, Honolulu City Council Chair Ernest Martin today announced that two key budget documents will be activated today in a new digital layout.

The documents are the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Legislative Branch Budget Narrative and the 16th Edition of the Status of the City’s Finances. The new format is designed to make it easier for the public, Councilmembers, and their staffs to access City financial data and budget plans.

“This continues the Council’s efforts to make more and more information readily available to the public and in a more user-friendly format,” Martin said, “modern interactive and digital technology are also proving to be valuable tools in helping us greatly reduce our paper consumption.”

The documents will be available as follows:

Legislative Budget FY 2017

Status of the City Finances, 16th Edition

Links are also provided on the Council’s official website at

Council Chair Presenting Legislative BudgetThe Legislative Budget Narrative details the 2017 fiscal plans for the branch, as proposed by the Council Chair. Martin is scheduled to present the Legislative Branch budget to the Council’s Budget Committee today during the annual review process.

The Status of the City Finances is an annual report issued by the Office of Council Services. The report aids the Council’s review of the City’s proposed budget.



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