Office of Council Services Wins NACO Achievement Award

8 08 2016



In 1970, the National Association of Counties (NACo) established the annual National Association of Counties Achievement Awards, a non-competitive awards program which recognizes innovative county government initiatives in 21 different categories. In 2016, NACo awarded 618 entries from 112 counties across 34 states.

One of the NACo Achievement Award categories is Civic Education and Public Information, which recognizes county organizations or individuals that facilitate, increase, and strengthen opportunities for public and civic engagement. In 2016, 52 awards were made in this category to 32 counties, including the Honolulu City and County’s Office of Council Services (OCS) for its digital publication of the annual budget report titled, “Status of the City’s Finances” (SCF).

With more than 80% of Honolulu’s 930,000 residents using the Internet in their daily routines, Honolulu has a large digital constituency and engaging constituents online is rapidly becoming the societal norm. To address this need, many City and State agencies, such as Honolulu’s Office of Council Services, have made transitioning into the digital-age a priority. OCS redesigned, revamped, and digitized the SCF, creating the City’s first interactive e-publication.

Upon its release in March 2016, the SCF has helped both decision-makers and members of the public to understand and analyze the City’s two billion dollar annual budget. By going digital, redesigning the layout to be more user-friendly, and condensing content, the SCF made vital budget information more readily accessible to the community and much easier to digest. The compatibility of the e-publication with mobile computing devices, along with the availability of digital tools such as bookmarks and note-taking which benefits end-users, paves the way for other City departments to release public documents in the e-publication format.

This award marks the third time that the Office of Council Services has received the Civic Education and Public Information award from NACo, which highlights the OCS team’s dedication to government transparency and civic engagement. While all of OCS staff made vital contributions to the SCF, the primary core group responsible for the redesign and formatting of this edition were Denisse Gee, Charmaine Doran, Gavin Kennedy, Yvette Lee, and Cindy Ramirez.

Therefore, on behalf of the People of the City and County of Honolulu, the City Council hereby congratulates our Office of Council Services upon receiving the 2016 National Association of Counties Civic Education and Public Information Achievement Award. The Council further extends its warmest aloha to the OCS team members as they continue to modernize City government and wishes them luck in all their future endeavors.



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