Pupukea Play Courts Reopened

30 01 2017



In 2010, the Pupukea play court had the distinction of being in worse shape than any other court in the City & County of Honolulu’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  Seven years later, the community came together in a unique public-private partnership that painstakingly reconstructed the court and restored it to the valuable recreational asset it had been in the past.

Malama Pupukea Waimea (MPW), a 501(c)(3), working to replenish and sustain the natural and cultural resources of the Pupukea and Waimea ahupuaa, graciously accepted the lead as the non-profit in charge of donations for the rehabilitation of the Pupukea play court, with MPW volunteer Bill Quinlan coordinating the effort.  Project Coordinator Cliff Laboy worked tirelessly, in cooperation with the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation and many small businesses and community members, to save the Pupukea play court and to demonstrate what can be done when people take the initiative.

Without the help of the following people, the final cost of the project would have been prohibitive.  Mahalo nui to those who made significant contributions to the construction project: Michael Newman who started the movement by challenging the City’s claim of asbestos as a reason for not saving the court; Dwight D. Burdick Construction, a general contractor who provided bonding, construction management and contract negotiations expertise;  James Gonda and Coffman Engineers who provided all of the construction drawings and engineering service;  Turtle Bay Resort and CEO Drew Stotesbury who provided a construction consultant through Ralph Makaiau who worked with the project management team and helped to oversee the project;  Pane Meatoga Jr. and the Operating Engineers Local 3 who helped to find an asphalt contractor that made the project possible; Wayde Tsue and W.K.T. Equipment Rental who provided all of the demolition work; Charles Fujimoto and C. Fujimoto Contracting who provided surveying services along with the reconstruction of the new swale on the mauka side of the courts; Kirk Markle and Titan Industries who provided hazardous abatement and renovation services; Erik Rhinelander, General Manager of Maui Kupono Builders who provided the new court surface; Mildred Keawe and North Shore Fencing, the fencing contractor who provided the new fence and installation; Former Masons Ricky and Ian Tamashiro who provided all the concrete and wall repairs; Danny Green and Southern Turf Hawaii for the new grass in the mauka swale; Brian L. Deer and Bonded Materials Company for the donation of concrete mix for the construction of the handicap ramp and the new four foot fence on the mauka side of the court.

The Honolulu City Council hereby recognizes and commends the generosity of these businesses, organizations and individuals and thanks them for their role in the extraordinary success of this public-private partnership.

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