Second Restroom Added to Wahiawa Transit Center

23 02 2018

The Department of Transportation Services (DTS) recently completed the construction of a second restroom and refurbishment of the existing restroom at the Wahiawa Transit Center, which welcomes 1,697 riders on TheBus every weekday. Contractor Brian’s Contracting Inc. completed the 18-month project at a cost of $166,988.99.

The Transit Center was initially built with a single restroom that was reserved for use by operators of TheBus. However, in response to community concerns a second restroom was added, allowing the facilities to be opened for use by the general public.

Although initially budgeted at $500,000, the project’s total price was significantly less. Savings totaling $333,000 were realized after engineers with the Department of Transportation Services came up with the idea of renovating an existing storage room to create the new restroom, which proved to be both feasible and functional.

The $5.5 million Wahiawa Transit Center debuted in October of 2011 and is located between Center Street and California Avenue next to the State Civic Center. The ground level includes bus driveways and a staging area for passengers. The second level of the structure consists of 58 parking stalls, 33 of which are available for users of TheBus park and ride.

The Department of Transportation Services would like to thank the users of the Wahiawa Transit Center for their patience during the restroom project and hope they enjoy the new and refurbished facilities.

TheBus Transfer System and Handi-Van Overhauled

22 05 2014

The Department of Transportation Services have revised TheBus transfer rules effective July 1, 2014. TheBus transfer will now have a detachable coupon to allow up to two connections. Driver will take the coupon on the 1st connection and will take the entire transfer on the 2nd connection. The transfer is not valid for return trips or round trips and is only valid until the time shown at the top.


The Handi-Van will now be taking ride reservations 2 days in advance instead of 7 days to improve service and to reduce the incidents of service delays due to no-shows who may have forgotten to cancel their pick-up. This will assist in better scheduling efficiency for Handi-Van riders.